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Youth SEED supports the development of community led social enterprises by providing training, resources and investment to young innovators who traditionally face barriers to economic opportunities.

 Youth Led Food Truck!

Mar 14, 2014

By gino


B:E Business Model Canvass B:E Business Model Canvass

Youth SEED recently began an innovative partnership with Beyond Emancipation to create a youth-led food truck in East Oakland.

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 Social Enterprise Alliance 2014 Summit!

Mar 05, 2014

By gino


Youth SEED is proud to announce that Co-Director Gino Pastori-Ng has been selected as a member of 50 Under 40, a cohort of 50 emerging social enterprise leaders under age 40 in the United States

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 Echoing Green Semifinals!

Feb 19, 2014

By gino


Echoing Green Fellowship Echoing Green Fellowship

Youth SEED is honored to be selected as one of 444 global semi-finalists for the Echoing Green Fellowship!

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 Workshop with South American Amigos!

Feb 05, 2014

By gino


Amigos Youth Ambassadors Amigos Youth Ambassadors

On January 29, Youth SEED hosted 25 youth from Paraguay and Uruguay for an intensive social enterprise workshop...

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 Youth Community Innovators Forum

Jan 27, 2014

By gino


Youth Community Innovators Forum Youth Community Innovators Forum

On January 22, 2014, Youth SEED hosted a panel discussion featuring organizations who are pushing the envelope of youth innovation through technology and entrepreneurship...

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 Relevate Film Festival

Nov 22, 2013

By gino


Relevate Film Festival Relevate Film Festival

Can a good film change the world? At Youth SEED, we believe the answer is yes, especially films that are made by youth. On November 15, Simphony Productions presented 2 films at Compathos' Relevate Film Festival...

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 Youth SEED Launch!

Youth SEED just celebrated our 1st birthday! Click below for photos from our launch celebration back in April 2013.

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"Youth SEED es una organizacion realmente impresionante, muy util para aprender a como tener exito en un proyecto." -Camila, Paraguay.

"A great opportunity to grow as a person and learn more about youth leadership and community development." - Roque, Paraguay.