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Youth SEED supports the development of community-led social enterprises by providing training, resources and investment to young innovators who traditionally face barriers to economic opportunities.

 Youth HUB Fellows: Dasha & Jessica

May 05, 2015

By gino


Jessica & Dasha Jessica & Dasha

The basis of our idea is to educate and enable community members to grow a fruit or vegetable in their own homes, and to establish a bartering system between our participants.

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 Youth HUB Fellows: Roy & Shayne

Apr 20, 2015

By gino


Roy & Shayne (Center & Left) Roy & Shayne (Center & Left)

MERCER envisions a generation of youth with social understanding, critical thinking, and self-expression. We will make that happen by providing art and resources to youth who don’t have access.

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 Youth HUB Fellows: TJ & Jose

Apr 15, 2015

By gino


TJ & Jose TJ & Jose

The two of us are the creators of UPbeat Games, and our mission is to educate, support, and heal the minds of diverse communities through video games.

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 Youth HUB Fellows: Ajman

Apr 06, 2015

By gino


Ajman (far right) Ajman (far right)

8FT. Tall is a gorilla marketing, street and social media promotion company based in Oakland, Ca.

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 Youth HUB Fellows: Linda Sanchez

Mar 23, 2015

By gino


Linda - Fuerza Indigena Linda - Fuerza Indigena

Fuerza Indigena is an indigenous woman-run social enterprise based in Oakland, CA.

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 Youth Hub Fellows: Isaiah

Mar 16, 2015

By gino


Youth HUB Fellows: Isaiah Youth HUB Fellows: Isaiah

gODDli is a worker-owned cooperative selling eco-friendly apparel designed with positive and inspirational messages.

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 Youth Hub Fellows: Desire & Erin

Mar 02, 2015

By gino


Desire - The B.I.Z. Stoop Desire - The B.I.Z. Stoop

The B.I.Z. Stoop is a black youth run, "Culture Broker Cooperative" based in Oakland, CA. Our vision is to create sustainable channels of fair and equitable trade between Black Pan-African communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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 Youth HUB Fellows: Daisy Ozim

Feb 23, 2015

By gino


Daisy- Resilient Wellness Daisy- Resilient Wellness

My name is Daisy Ozim, creator of Resilient Wellness a health education program for communities of color and founder of 13th goodess, an environmentally friendly shoe line catering to womyn with longer soles.

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 Youth HUB Fellowship Retreat

Jan 26, 2015

By gino


Youth HUB Fellowship Retreat Youth HUB Fellowship Retreat

Youth SEED launched the 2015 Youth HUB Fellowship with an all-day retreat at Impact Hub Oakland on January 17th.

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 Youth HUB Fellowship Launch

Dec 22, 2014

By gino


Youth Impact HUB Oakland Launch Youth Impact HUB Oakland Launch

Youth HUB Oakland had an official launch party on December 17th, 2014, at Impact Hub Oakland.

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 Youth HUB Fellowship Pitch May 23


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"Youth SEED is a great program, and I recommend it for everyone that really wants to make a difference in their community. Youth SEED teaches you step by step on how to make your own social enterprise." -Tiffany, Oakland